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about dusq

dusq was born out of friendship. In the quiet hours of dusk, Louise Boeree and Linda Ranzijn, both with years of business experience, both new mothers, fantasised about beautiful, innovative lifestyle products. In the spring of 2018 their dreams grew into the creation of a new, full-fledged brand, which not only values functionality and ethics but also the aesthetics of a product.

At dusq, we believe in lasting memories. That is why we make products that grow with you, ideally for a lifetime. We believe in reliability. That is why we use strong and honest materials. We believe in the power of family. That is why we work with people we know, during working hours and beyond.

We design clever and durable products that they would also like to use. Our approach is personal and professional. That is why we are constantly looking for innovative designs that are not only practical and sustainable, but also contemporary yet timeless. Only by working in this way, we can make the best products, for now and for the future.

xo Louise & Linda