Free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium on all orders over € 75 - for other rates check shipping & returns
Free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium on all orders over € 75 - for other rates check shipping & returns



Our eco leather is alive; it changes colour due to sunlight and grows older gracefully with regular use. Eco leather, or vegetable tanned and coloured leather, does not stay flawless and smooth, and no hide is the same. These characteristics and the amount of use create unique products that literally carry precious memories along with them.


Leather is a natural material and we advise that you don’t let it get too wet. We understand that it is difficult to prevent being caught in unexpected rain showers, so we recommend that you treat your leather product with a water-repellent spray before the first use (and then every three or four weeks as maintenance).  For example: We recommend ‘Saphir’s Super Invulner Spray’ or ‘Collonil 1909 Supreme Protect Spray’.


If your product does get wet in the rain, do not use artificial heat to dry products. Simply let it dry in the air and keep it away from radiators or heaters. Direct heat will cause the leather to dry out. Has the leather unfortunately dried out? Then you can apply leather lotion to rehydrate your product.


Care for your leather products every 8-12 weeks. A conditioner acts like a moisturiser for your leather. Leather will dry out over time and the conditioner will help it to retain its moisture and suppleness. To reduce scratches and small stains from everyday use, we recommend moisturising the leather with a special nourishing cream available at any shoe repair shop. For example: ‘Saphir Pate de Luxe wax’, which is 100% natural and contains seven different types of animal, plant and mineral wax.


When using new leather care products, always test the product on a hidden area of your dusq product before applying it to the entire product.

Keep your leather products in a protective bag when not in use, away from moisture and variations in heat or cold.



Our canvas is made from recycled PET and is a strong but soft material.

The sustainable dyestuff which is used in the recycled PET canvas for our bags and accessories can change when exposed to sunlight. This colour fading is a natural phenomenon and will vary in different using conditions.

To clean this material, we recommend using a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of mild hand washing detergent (without bleach!) to rub the area gently. Don’t rub too hard to avoid damaging the material. Allow the material to air dry and repeat if necessary.