Free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium on all orders over € 75 - for other rates check shipping & returns
Free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium on all orders over € 75 - for other rates check shipping & returns

Here we are, the very first post in our journal.

It took us a while to start this up, as we are ‘live’ with this website since February 2019 but hey we got busy in between. In this space we love to share some bits and pieces of what we love with you. The plan is to write every month one post and share this as well via our newsletter with you.

just love

The things we’ll try to share here will be foremost updates regarding our collections and products, however we would also love to explain you more about the origin of our products and the artisans in Portugal who handcraft these for us, but we’d also love to share anything that inspires us; people, quotes, art, nature, to name a few.

Basically we would like to share anything that makes us tick, and that we simply love.

thanks a million

Of course we love to hear from you as well; what would you like to know about dusq, about us (the founders), our products or anything else? Please leave a message here below, or send it via a DM in our instagram.


Finally we would like to thank you, for your support, for being here, and actually reading this. So if you’re interested for more, you know where to find us, we’d honestly love that.

xo Linda & Louise


4 Replies to “dusq journal”

  1. I just love the entire collection! Het voelt stevig, is handig en ziet er mooi uit!
    Zelf wel benieuwd naar wat meer info ivm de stoffen die jullie gebruiken en hoe ze gemaakt worden.

    Succes met producten en jullie dagboek!

  2. Hi there! Hope you don’t mind, I’ll reply in English. How nice to read you’re interested in a bit more background information on our materials. Would you mean specifically for the apparel or our other products, bags and shoes, etc.? In our menu you’ll find under ‘about’ and then ‘materials’ more about the materials we use until now. Let me know if that’s what you’re looking for, otherwise I’m happy to answer any question. We are strong believers and supporters of transparency through the entire supply chain, that is including sharing this with our consumers. Have a great day! Linda

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