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Free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium on all orders over € 75 - for other rates check shipping & returns

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Why don’t you have a vegan collection?

If you are vegan, we understand that you may not like wearing animal material and find it difficult to understand. The fact is that eating meat is still a part of our society. By using the by-product, the hides, they do not end up on the waste heap. The alternative is using so-called ‘vegan leather’ but we would like to explain more about this. The leather for dusq products comes from a REACH certified supplier who buys hides from European cows (Iberian to be precise) which must meet strict requirements for, among other things, the welfare and traceability of the cows. This means that the cows must be treated and transported with respect. This also applies to the slaughterhouse, where the hides are a by-product of the meat industry. The tanning and colouring process is then set up in a sustainable manner, creating a product free of chromium, heavy metals and formaldehyde. All waste water is reused, and a huge reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved by allowing the hides to dry at room temperature.


Vegan leather is made from polyurethane (PU) and / or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), also known as vinyl. These are the technical names for plastic. The main component of vinyl is chlorine. This is one of the most energy-consuming substances to produce. Greenpeace calls vinyl “the most damaging plastic on the planet”. The raw material of PU is crude oil, or a fossil fuel, whose production causes huge carbon emissions. Of course, this is also the case with the meat and dairy industry, but to date the ecological footprint of processing fossil fuels is still the number one polluter in the world.

We believe that both must be reduced, and dusq wants to contribute to this by providing an alternative to the products in our disposable society. A bag made from vegan leather will only last for a few years; the top layer will eventually peel or break and detach from the base (usually polyester or nylon).  A leather bag can last a lifetime with the right care (which can be done using biodegradable products). Or even longer, because several shoes from Roman times have been found! And these shoes were vegetable tanned, because the process using chromium has only been in existence since 1840.

All in all, we hope that this explanation will help to clear the ‘bad’ name that leather sometimes gets and to see it as a more sustainable option in today’s society. Our Family Bag has been designed so that it is not just a bag for babies or childhood but can also be enjoyed for many years after. We also hope that when our leather is no longer a by-product of the meat industry, or when substantially less meat is consumed, we can switch production for dusq products to an even more sustainable alternative to vegan leather.


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  2. What should I do if I have a complaint?

Satisfied customers are very important to dusq. If you have a complaint about our products or our service, please let us know. We kindly ask you to let us know as soon as possible by email ( and we will do our utmost to solve the problem as quickly as possible, with mutual understanding. When you contact us, please also provide your email address and/or telephone number so that we can contact you. 

  1. What if I didn’t buy my product directly via dusq?

If you did not place your order on our online store or at a trade show, then unfortunately we cannot help you with returns. Please contact the store where you purchased your item.

  1. I have received a damaged / incorrect item, what should I do?

If you have received a damaged, defective or incorrect item, please contact with a photo of the damage or details of the incorrect item you received, along with the order number. We will be happy to sort it out for you!


Do you have your own shop?

Apart from the webshop on this website, we do not have a flagship store. dusq is a young brand with the ambition to grow, but we currently have no plans for our own shops. You can find our list of retailers here.


How do I care for my product?

You can find advice and tips on the care of our products here.