first step shoes

The first steps. There is nothing quite like it.

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First step shoes.

You never forget your child’s first pair of shoes.
If only because you can still remember years later how difficult it was to squeeze those wriggly little feet into something to keep them warm and protected.

We designed these leather shoes

with a double zip and an opening system. They are easy to put on and cannot be kicked off. They also offer good stability and freedom of movement when it is time to take those first steps.


The eco-friendly leather was manufactured cleanly

and is free from chromium and other harmful substances. So your child can safely put them in their mouths.  Because that’s what the first baby shoes are for… aren’t they?

The sole is made from recycled natural rubber

for larger sizes, we have chosen the sole that you see here. And for the smaller sizes, we have a nice alternative in vegetable-tanned and coloured suede. For easy crawling. We thought this would be ideal for little adventurers.


A leather and a woollen version

the leather version is available in three colours: night black, sunset cognac and cloud grey. There are two colours choices for the woollen version: misty grey and ocean blue.