The organizer. Because life is already chaotic enough.

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The essentials always at hand.

With this smart Organizer

you will never lose anything again. Thanks to three compartments and a key cord inside, you have easy access to all your essentials.


And when it outgrows the pushchair

then you can use it as a toiletries bag. The Organizer has plenty of space in the main compartment and has three extra side compartments.

Or use it in the car

as a handy storage bag to keep (children’s) stuff tidy. The Organizer comes with two leather straps to fix it to a pushchair or a car seat.


Thanks to a waterproof YKK zip

is our Organizer fully lockable. Made from leather combined with waterproof canvas. Both materials are sustainable as well as beautiful, strong and reliable. Our eco-friendly and cleanly produced leather comes from Portugal and is free from harmful chemicals. The canvas is made from recycled PET and was developed by a specialist manufacturer in Taiwan. When you buy this Organizer, you ensure that more than eight plastic bottles (500ml) are recycled.