pacifier cord

The pacifier cord. So the paci isn't left behind on a great day.

Zie de collectie

Pacifier cord.

so your little one always has their dummy close at hand.

Made from our eco leather

we don’t want any of our material to go to waste, so we came up with the idea of making a handy pacifier cord using the last pieces of eco leather. The leather comes from Portugal and is vegetable tanned and coloured, and free from harmful chemicals. Completely safe for your little one.


Foldable and stowable

this is not just a pacifier cord, it also comes with a handy feature so you can store the dummy. Fold it and secure it with the metal clip to keep the dummy clean.

Available in three colours

and if your child does not have a dummy, then you can use it to attach a teething ring or another toy.