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Free shipping to the Netherlands & Belgium on all orders over € 75 - for other rates check shipping & returns

For this month’s journal post we’ve asked a dear friend of us (let’s call him TG) to share his view on our bestselling Family Bag. He’s a fan of dusq since the very beginning, a happy user of the Family Bag canvas in Cloud Grey and as well very much involved with helping us to run the business, but let us explain that another time.

When we spoke about this journal and what topics to discuss, he suggested to share a bit more about the point of view of men using our products. Obviously, we loved this idea. So here we go!

where to take the family bag

Purse, handbag, backpack, shoulder bag, or clutch….look, while the ladies may enjoy a different bag for each occasion and destination, us gents prefer to carry one great bag wherever we go. And if it turns a few heads while we carry it, even better.

Admittedly, I am terribly biased and carry my cloud grey bag daily, everywhere, but it’s because the family bag is cool yet classy for the office. It is functional for your road trips or to take on your flights. Are you hiking or biking on your favorite trails, or headed out to your secret picnic spot, well it’s a great bag for those adventures too.


There’s just one problem. Its stylish versatility means the family bag can be used by all members of your little tribe. And unless you are willing to share, never leave the bag out of sight, or risk one of your loved ones claiming it as their own.

So, if you’re looking for a timeless gift for the best dad, that awesome boyfriend or any special person who deserves this versatile bag? Click here to select his or her favourite color. They will absolutely love it.

As for me, I’ll sign off with a thank you! For reading along, for your support and being part of the dusq community. Stay safe and enjoy your summer journeys, near or far.

A big thank you to TG, for your input for this journal. We are grateful to have you (unofficially) on board!

And to all of you reading this; thanks so much for being a part of our growing community! We love to hear from you, so if you have anything to share, to comment, or just want to say ‘hi’; feel free to drop us a note.

xo Louise & Linda, co-founders


Picture credits • top picture: Inga Powilleit • middle picture: Liz Groen • bottom picture: Iris van Tricht

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